Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

Twelfth Night 1967

Ronald White drafted the following notes on blank pages in his desk diary for 1966. They relate to the Twelfth Night ceremony conducted by the Regency on 6th January 1967.

The Rite of the Kings.

1. Entry Dark

2. The Promise fulfilled – M[aster] of C[eremonies]

3. The Taper & the Bowl — Prayer. Light in our darkness — Candle

Address. R[egent] Arthur

Each lights a candle on the point of [pentagram symbol]

4. This our Glad Day. (Prayer)

5. Beer Served in Bowl and offered to 2nd altar

6. Liz* Removed — The Symbols of the Sun Revealed on second altar & 3 Candles for MOTHER Horns Holly

7. A libation of beer is poured into the wassail bowl.

“Hail to the Star Child”
Lord of Light
Robin of the New Year
Thanks be to the Goddess
The Mothering Maiden

8. Side Amber Light up

9. The Rite of The Mistletoe.
Each man given a sprig & claims his kiss from each woman present.

10. Meat/Beer/Wine Bread is served.

*Liz or Lizzie was the name Ron gave to the skull used in the Regency ceremonies. The meaning here is fairly plain: the skull was removed from the second altar and a sun face symbol was revealed behind it.

View the original manuscript pages

View a plan of the arrangements for the ceremony

© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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