Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

On Hierarchies

The Regency should avoid being a closed system.
The universe around us does not appear ‘closed’.
It seems to be an open ended process of which we are part.*
Any conception of the universe must be open ended also; allowing for variety even of truth in the material sphere.
One must have a belief in the oneness of things; and that no one can have monopoly of truth.**

The Gods, however envisaged, must be seen to be multi-aspected…(Janus).

What is good for the individual can be bad for the mass. Too much emphasis on one side of a God’s Character leads to deluded worshippers. It also leads to closed minds and closed societies.

The Lord of Light can be as much a devil as the Lord of Death can be a saint.

To accept completely a closed system in religious thought is to be already insane. This is the same in ordinary life.

If anyone offers to sell you the truth do not believe him.

Continually evolve your religion.
Base your religion in the faith that you are as yet incomplete in wisdom.
A group should be seekers not sheep.
Guard against the comforts offered by the prophets of certainty.
Suspect the emotions aroused by any creed or devotion that ignores or distorts plain facts. Never go down a me[n]tal rabbit hole.


* MS note in margin:
We look two ways
: to the macrocosm
: to – microcosm

** MS note:
hierarchy [underlined]

© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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