Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

The Regency


The Regency is a religious society with a central belief in a Goddess as Mother and Creatrix of all things. She represents the stable feminine principle: and, of Her emanations, The Gods represent the active male principle.

As the roots of this belief are ancient, The Regency holds that much of pagan belief, custom, and ceremonial has permanent relevance to humanity: and that this can be seen in the persistence of such traditions throughout the world. It holds, further, that there is a collective psyche; but that there are regional differences upon that basis. These require differing forms of expression suited to variations in climate, environment, and inherited ancestral patterns. Therefore The Regency, being British, practises and propagates those ideals, beliefs and ceremonies that have found continuing life among the people of these islands.

Even here there is much regional variation. A great deal of pagan ceremony and even belief was absorbed by Christianity; but other features have stubbornly resisted the erosion of clerical propaganda. It is in all these continuing features that still lies the core of a living myth and theology fitting to our people, and with its roots firmly anchored in the National Psyche.

The religion of The Regency is one to which any honourable and honest person may accede.

It is called ‘The Regency’ for at present it has no living member of sufficient spiritual stature to speak with the authority of the great religious leaders of the past (Arthur still sleeps in Avalon).

The Regency practises the pagan virtues of honour to oneself and others, and honesty in all things.

Women are held in the highest esteem: their religious role being of the greatest importance.

In reverencing ‘The Mother’ we assure ourselves of the fundamental stability of the universe. In worshipping the Gods we identify ourselves with the process of which we are part. We cannot, outside the mystic communion, ever fully comprehend that process; and what understanding we may gain is ultimately inexplicable. The written word is useless to describe the full experience. The notion of progress as against this process is illusory. By following the Path of the Gods throughout the year we may come closer to the real knowing which is of the heart, and distinct from merely knowing about.

The Regency recognizes that its religious system is operative at a number of levels of experience. We recognize that the Gods are valuable extensions of the human psyche; and that any religious system in which these factors are included is no subject for derision. Therefore The Regency is tolerant of all other sincere religions and cults; and sees no incompatibility in adherence to more than one faith.











At some of these festivals both the Goddess and the Gods are celebrated. Others are directed more specifically to the one or to the other.

Inquiries may be addressed by letter to: R. White, 58 Trinder Road, London, N.19.

Published in Pentagram, Candlemas 1967

© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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