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A Letter to the Pagan Movement in Britain and Ireland

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for keeping me so well informed as to the doings of the Pagan Movement.

Rather than taking up any of the interesting points of your correspondents, I would prefer to outline one or two things about The Regency, so that all will know what we are up to. But first, may I re-emphasise my attitude to The Pagan Movement. Love the Goddess, Revere the Gods, and in that reverence and love Build something. As you are doing this you command the help and respect of all fellow pagans.

The broad design must always be before us. Minor doctrinal squabbles only serve to make a bold and generous religion look ridiculous. This is particularly the case where by definition we are trying to develop a fluid non-dogmatic community of shared interests. Inevitably there will be differences; but providing the people truly love and revere the Pagan Deities, these differences should only enrich the texture of Paganism; for each of us has her own way to follow, and should have comfort that others travel similar paths to understanding. The paths of The Pagan lead to the achievement of that greatness of soul, where the petty, the mean, and the despicable action are truly unthinkable.

This Hallowe’en marks The Regency’s third year of worship in the open, as we meet in a local wood in London. This is in the Highgate area. We used to meet indoors, but being unable to find a place at one time we adopted the wood as our temple, (Would it not be splendid, If sometime there could be a temple to The Pagan Divinities somewhere in England?)

Our number fluctuates, dependent on the dates of the meetings which not everyone can attend. We have had large numbers, many of whom thought that The Regency would develop into some kind of Coven. This did not happen, as we wish to keep it an open society, and they have, I think, mostly found some witch groups for themselves. If so we have served our purpose in bringing pagan minded people together.

Our ceremonies are based on the seasonal round. For example at this Hallowe’en we will meet at The Ceremony of Opening the Roads, that we may feel and understand the place of the living with the place of The Dead and realise their relationship, for we who are the living will also die. This is the working cut of the pattern set by cur previous meetings, where we realise that the ripening of the year is as the ripening and achievement of our lives, and that the acceptance of Death is a condition of reaching that achievement and that ripening. This is a far from gloomy occasion.

Though a small group we have evolved our ceremonies from an initially tight scripted rite to a more spontaneous expression developing around a few set points of ceremony. There is now less chat, explanations are kept to a minimum, each seeks the meaning in his or her own heart.

There is no attempt to make The Regency more than an open society. We have no subscription, no membership card, no badge of office. This means that compared to any other organisation we are not organised. The most important thing is the coming together of those who wish to tread the pagan path. This means that we have no funds for publicity, and so far we seek none, although there has been some discussion about publicity recently. We who meet are not a democracy, in fact no one has bothered about such things. We have a sort of anarchistic group, to which at the moment I act as a leader.

I hope that I have given enough information for you to have some picture of The Regency. It is our duty to go out and proclaim the Goddess and The Gods, and in so doing to attempt the task without bigotry or parochial pride. I would gladly give over what influence I have with The Regency, and my own support to anyone who showed that She or he was chosen to lead, and this through nobility of soul and the true pagan generosity of spirit.

That sounds very priggish, but let it stand.

Please accept my best wishes to everyone. I hope that it will not be too long before we can meet.

Ronald White
58 Trinder Rd.,
London, N.19.

Published in The Waxing Moon, new series, 1, Samhain 1970

© The Estate of Ronald M. White


  1. Oh, thank you for publishing this, fascinating.


    Comment by Stuart Inman | May 11, 2009

  2. The Museum of Witchcraft has a set of issues of The Waxing Moon – I don’t know if it is complete. It must be very rare.

    Comment by cartazdon | May 12, 2009

  3. I think that Waxing Moon must be pretty rare, I’ve certainly never seen it. I probably ignored it in the early 70s, story of my life. The BL has some issues of it, again don’t know if it is complete, but I have not got around to viewing it. I’m hoping to see some things at the Museum next month.

    Comment by Stuart Inman | May 12, 2009

  4. I believe Cambridge UL has some issues, and may have a set.

    Comment by cartazdon | May 12, 2009

  5. Some material from The Waxing Moon and other Pagan Movement literature is being put on the Web at the above address

    Comment by Heron | June 11, 2009

  6. or rather by clicking on the link below:

    Comment by Heron | June 11, 2009

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