Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration


By Ronald M. White:

The Regency [Pentagram, Candlemas 1967]

A Letter to the Pagan Movement in Britain and Ireland [The Waxing Moon, new series, 1, Samhain 1970]

A May Write-up? [The Waxing Moon, new series, 3, Midsummer 1971]

A Modern Pagan Group Who Meet in London [Spectrum, no. 2, Nov/Dec 1974]

Who are the Gods? [Spectrum, no. 7, Sept/Oct 1975, pp. 7-8, 11]

By John of Monmouth:

The Regency & the Cochrane Coven [The Cauldron, no. 130, November 2008, pp. 39–42]

The Regency: Seasonal Meditations & Rites [The Cauldron, no. 131, February 2009, pp. 41–43]

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