Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

May Eve

Attendance at the early meetings of the Regency was by invitation only. The first open meeting was held on May Eve (30 April) 1967.

The first time the Regency met out of doors was on May Eve 1968. The ceremony was held on Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath proved a bit too public; the ceremonies attracted a certain amount of unwelcome attention. Later that year the group began to hold its meetings in Queens Woods, Hampstead.

So far no early script of a Regency May Eve ritual has turned up.

Chalky’s appointments diary for 29 April 1970 contains a checklist of items needed for the May Eve ceremony:

White Ribbon

The page for 30 April contains the note:

The Mystic Marriage.
Q[ueens] WOODS

In 1971 the Regency celebrated May Eve in Suffolk. Soon afterwards Chalky wrote a short account of the meeting for Joe Wilson’s magazine The Waxing Moon. He describes how the Regency had gradually moved away from the closely scripted approach of the early years towards something much more fluid. At this May meeting for the first time the scripts and even the formal order of ceremony were completely abandoned; Chalky called it ‘the First entirely spontaneous Regency Meeting’.

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