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Near Death Experiences

Part One of Prospero’s Book is a general introduction to the theory of magic. Part Two, still to come, focuses on what Ronald White called ‘the keys’: the tree alphabet outlined by Robert Graves in The White Goddess, which Ron explored in detail, and related to the Tarot trumps. Here are the last few paragraphs of Part One:

To the magician the recent interest in Near Death Experiences is nothing strange. The experiences are well documented, historically, religiously and magically. They are taken as fact.

That there are other, parallel and displaced conditions is central to the ability to see from afar, to bilocate (a sort of soul quantum) and to influence the mundane world through the shifting displacements of the lattice. This other world has been divined but not defined by an odd researcher, now dead himself, T. C. Lethbridge, who found the existence of timeless strata above our temporal existence.

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