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Signs and omens

More from Prospero’s Book; Ron White on luck, omens and the ‘acausal world’:

Now we are entering a different world to the merely material. Already a picture of a different order is building up.

It seems that lessons learnt by a European rat can simultaneously be mastered by an American rat. R. Sheldrake who has studied this gives it the name ‘resonance’. Another good name, and I shall use it, rather than ‘interactive nodal influence’, a lattice term.

We are affected by our surroundings, and that includes non-material matters like thought- patterns, feelings and atmosphere. Ideas in these areas can be transmitted non-verbally and apparently instantaneously. The number of discoveries made virtually simultaneously by people who do not know each other and live half a planet away is considerable. The once much-derided sympathetic magic is another example of resonance as are some of the events of evolution. By extension all this hints at another picture of the world.

There is, it seems, an acausal instant world available to us if we know to set about it. This explains why some people are lucky, why others seem to be blessèd, live a charmed life and so on. They seem to have an inbuilt unconscious knowledge to sense and profit by opportunities in the acausal world; or even to glimpse its lattice workings and its latency pattern. They know by instinct when the time is ripe for action. They do not even have to be aware of this ability.

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