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Magic and Dreaming

Here is the second instalment of Prospero’s Book:

Knowing the whole is knowing Magic. All else is just knowing about.

It is a fair guess that like a large number of things in the Universe knowing the whole may be never quite possible. Nearly but not precisely there. Nearly Absolute zero but never exactly that. Like recurring decimals, double spirals and so on.

To understand this at the outset is to realise that this oddity is essential to the manifestation of the Magical Universe. We can never solve it completely, not even in the Magical Keys, which we will study later, where the Fool jumps from one place to another, is in two places at once and carries opposite qualities immediately.

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Theory of Magic

Prospero’s Book is a long essay on magic which Chalky began to write in 1989. It was never sent out to a publisher and exists only in longhand. We shall be posting it in instalments, as it is typed up.

Prospero’s Book

I first began to make notes for this book in 1966. Since then many magical ideas, under one guise or another, have become acceptable to a developing consciousness of the the environment, to a developing physics, and a developing appreciation of the role of consciousness itself.

It has taken a long time to try, and one can only try, to sort and order the material; for the matter of magic is the universe itself.

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Goddess Head

This ceramic head of the Goddess, made by Ronald White, was used at the Regency’s Candlemas ceremonies.

Many thanks to John of Monmouth for sending us the photo.

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