Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

Two Love Poems

‘Now plot no meetings’

Now plot no meetings but accept
That we shall meet
And always at this moment,
Both in pleasuring.
For we are forged in crucibles of bliss
Intense beyond our souls’ coherences,
With bodies fissioned by a desperate joy
To break down – infinite reactions –
Each burning each to breed of timeless gold.

Sharing Sorrows

After two days of May-made wonder,
Once more the gouge of love
Carving the anxious hollow,
And my last harshness come again
To fight this unasked hurt in me;
Turning self – anger inwards
Mine, your pain tearing.

Then in that dawn,
Both paired to burdens
In a bond of loss,
To gain such love
That gladly we must cry each others’ tears.


© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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The Autumn Equinox: Ritual and Sermon

Here is the second and final part of the Autumn Equinox section of the New Pagans’ Handbook.

The Ritual

The Lord and Lady stand together in the centre of the circle, surrounded by the elements of the feast. The Lady then chooses one of the men to come forward and make his presentation of food and drink before Her. The Lord then does likewise with a lady. The presentation then goes forward, lady and man going alternately. The libation bowl is then passed round in similar fashion, each going forward to make obeisances and pour libations.

The Lord then presents the Lady with Her harvest crops of wheat and barley. This can be in the form of a wreath which She can wear. The set part of the ritual follows as He addresses the assembly:

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