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The Autumn Equinox: Preamble

My apologies for the hiatus. I have been overwhelmed with work. Here is the next instalment of Chalky White’s New Pagans’ Handbook.


The festival of the Autumn Equinox is a harvest festival. It is a continuation, in part, of our Lammas celebration, for the theme is still rest. Rest after our labours, and the reward for those labours. Harvest festivals were held upon the first full moon nearest the Equinox. It is a joyous and grateful festival. But as with all religious matters, there is more to it than just a party. Fittingly it is celebrated under the sign of Libra the scales; and as with day and night it is a time of Balance, Audit and Assessment. These three predicate a further three; Justice, Equity, and their concomitant, Mercy. It is therefore time to seek out the harvest of ourselves, considering how we have managed ourselves and our life in the year up to this point.

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