Ronald ‘Chalky’ White

a celebration

If She Left

If She Left

I would take my grief to the moon.
Only that night’s one flower
Would hear me.
Time this time could not stay
My tears.
Inroads she made on me:
Walks, paths, most private woods
Are hers.
So much of her dear love
Out of time’s travel lives,
Will suffer no erosions
From its flowing qualities.
Only the owl could speak some comfort
From sad trees.
Yet sacred stones, altars of sorrow


© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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Rubicons refused


Potvaliant I sweep the country
Level with my lion’s eye.
Leap mountains and ford floods,
And crisply set decisions on
To make up empires for my travelling.

But at the sober day
Are Rubicons refused, which brook up feeble waters,
Damping the drunker enterprise of night.
So walking sunwise to the clear eyed air
I travel no journeys.


© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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Bones have beauty

Dark Child

Dark child – born of the night,
Who will not accept – death as of right
In your hands.
Child of the dead hours who found
The running ghosts in your head
Spoke less but offered
Certain testimony – circling.
Who in the dark when one light
Was a sinister star,
Could not accept that – or less,
And now light too many candles to forget
The totentanz your heart beats (archetype of dance)
Over the flagstones of worn years.

Dark child – you must know
Bones have beauty,
And the gull’s cry is the wind’s work,
And the frost at night
Just pearls a bright moon scatters.
And fear has no cold, being of ecstasy or near it.
But fear of fear
Ah! That chills.

And dark,
Dark has dignity, exhilarations
We despise at peril.
For dark does not mean
That necessary death is dread;
But in my child walks alive;
And dark – Yes, dark laughs
Bringing (strange thought)
A darkest happiness.


© The Estate of Ronald M. White

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Lammas: the Second Sermon

Here is the final part of the Lammas section:

The Second Sermon

Before leaving our account of Lammas, there are important points to be stressed from the ritual, and others that depend from them and are inherent in our ceremony.

Lammas deals with death, sometimes in symbolic forms of great beauty; but equally it deals with life. Our rituals with the deepening year become deeper in themselves, layer upon layer of meaning and wisdom being added. Our simple story, our foundation is being built upon adding all life’s scenery to its basic narrative.

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Lammas: the First Sermon and the Final Part of the Ritual

Here is the second part of the Lammas ritual, which includes the First Sermon:

The First Sermon

(Read over by the light of the candle as part of the ritual.)

Midsummer was the first time in our year when death was considered and we saw why it should be so considered, though we had met its possibility at May Day. It is one of the great mysteries and equals its opposite mystery, birth. And then there are the great questions: Where do we come from? Where do we go? Who, indeed, are we?

Though we may say we know, or believe, we truly do not know but in this life gaze and peer forward as we do tonight, measuring the dark forces ahead and the declining days. We shall meet all these forces again at the Hallows; and fear is one of them, fear of the cliffs of darkness and eternal night. Only a fool has no fear.

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